Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Visiting Austin, Texas A Real Trip

AUSTIN, Texas (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Some people were shocked when Matthew McConaughey played the bongos naked in Austin, Texas, but a Texan playwright claims a display like that is not weird – it’s Austin.

Dave Steakley has interviewed more than 200 bizarre Austinites for his new play titled Keepin’ It Weird, and one of the scenes included is a recreation of the now-infamous bongo bust.

Although the actor portraying McConaughey will be nude, Steakley says audiences won’t see much because of strategically placed bongos. He jokes, “It depends on those bongos.”

But McConaughey isn’t the only offbeat Austinite featured in the play. There’s also a scene devoted to a homeless transvestite named “Leslie” who always runs for mayor.

Steakley explains, “He sports a thong, heels and a spangly top and writes anti-police stuff on his rear end.”

Other scenes include Lance Armstrong riding around in biker shorts with the crotch “padded beyond belief”; a blabbermouth hairdresser telling true stories about George W. and Laura Bush; and a sequence where Janis Joplin dances with a giant chicken fried steak and a human-sized joint.

Keepin’ It Weird opens Oct. 1 at Austin’s Zachary Scott Theatre.

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