Monday, August 8, 2005

Tabasco Floating The Boat Of Retiree

ELBERTA, Ala. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Tabasco is floating the boat of one Gulf Coast, Alabama, retiree and his model shipbuilding hobby.

Last September when hurricane Ivan hit 74-year-old Mario Novellino’s home, he was left without power and had to sustain himself on Meals-Ready-To-Eat.

In each MRE there was a little bottle of Tabasco sauce and as Novellino began to accumulate them, he wondered what he would do with them.

That’s when the ex-Navy man – who has undergone nine heart bypass operations – decided to use them as substitutes for cannons in his shipbuilding hobby.

It took Novellino 252 hours to build a 59-inch-long, 49-inch- tall, 125-pound ship which contains 92 Tabasco cannons and is constructed out of found oak wood – including an oak toilet seat.

Novellino dubbed the ship the Mucho Caliente and donated it to the McIlhenny Company, which makes Tabasco.

Now the ship is at the corporate office in Avery Island, Louisiana, and, in Novellino’s opinion, “The damn thing is the best boat I ever made.”

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