Tuesday, August 2, 2005

The Search For The Most Identical Identical Twins Could Be Double Trouble

HOOD RIVER, Ore. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Just how identical are identical twins? This weekend (Aug. 5-7), the Discovery Health Channel will be at the Twins Days festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, to pick out “America’s Most Identical Twins.”

The search will analyze twins’ food preferences, personality traits and more but one researcher fears all the comparisons could lead to double trouble.

Ann Kramer – a licensed mental health counselor who is also a twin – feels rewarding twins for their similarities could be a problem, especially if they’re younger.

She says one twin might end up saying, “Intuitively, I want to do something different, but we’ve won this contest for being alike. If I want to branch out, I’m breaking the bond.”

Instead of competing as mirror images, Kramer thinks twins would gain more from a Meyers-Briggs temperament test, which she says shows “on a temperament level, [twins] are very different.”

Meanwhile, Harvard Medical School psychologist Carol Kauffmann says the competition is fine as long as twins express their individuality in real life and remember it’s “really all about having fun.”

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