Monday, August 1, 2005

Wanna Learn About A Soap Star’s Bladder Problem? You’re In Luck

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Soap star Melody Scott Thomas stars on The Young And The Restless but until recently she was more restless offscreen than on.

For the last six years, Thomas has suffered constant pain in her pelvis and has had a frequent need to urinate – even if her bladder was empty – and became “very familiar with the location of every bathroom in Los Angeles.”

The pain got so bad that Thomas spent her non-work hours in bed and, she laments, “I couldn’t be the room mother,” for her child at school.

Doctors initially thought Thomas had everything from endometriosis, urinary tract infections and overactive bladder until one discovered she had “interstitial cystitis,” a medical condition where the bladder lining becomes inflamed.

She now controls her bladder problem with a drug called Elmiron and hopes leaking the news about her own plight inspires others to seek help.

She’s considering other ways of getting the word out about IC as well, including lobbying Y & R writers to give IC to her character, Nikki Newman.

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