Monday, June 27, 2005

Jim Morrison Ready To Help The Middle East

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Jim Morrison sang “Light My Fire” but, these days, he’s more interested in cooling things down in the Middle East.

That’s the word from Chicago-based “sensitive” Chris Fleming, who channeled the Lizard King for a new TV series, Dead Famous: Ghostly Encounters.

He says Morrison is currently in the astral plane building up his spiritual side in order to fulfill his destiny as a prophet and diplomat who will bring peace to the Middle East.

There’s no date set for Morrison’s reincarnation but it might take time. Fleming says The Doors singer is still upset people didn’t pick up his message the first time around but “admits taking drugs wasn’t the best way to deal with it.”

Dead Famous: Ghostly Encounters premieres tomorrow (Jun. 28) on the Biography channel but Morrison isn’t the only dead celeb who comes alive when Fleming is around.

He says Sammy Davis, Jr. inhabited his body during one session and the one-eyed entertainer had a hard time adjusting to having two properly-working peepers.

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