Friday, May 27, 2005

Angie Everhart Takes ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Experience Gingerly

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Playing Ginger on the reality show version of Gilligan’s Island wasn’t easy for actress Angie Everhart, but she says it was more fun than some of her movies.

Everhart stars on the upcoming reality show version of the sitcom and says she enjoyed being stranded with the other castaways because they “were all real people and had different things to talk about other than agents or show business.”

She says the real-life millionaires, Gilligans and professors picked for the show were “all super-nice and didn’t have crazy egos.”

Of course, it helps that Everhart isn’t a diva like the Ginger on the original sitcom. She describes her own personality as “Mary Ann by day. Ginger by night.”

But the reality of filming a reality show was a big shock for Everhart, who admits the grass huts on the show were less comfy than the trailers she usually stays in on a film set.

And instead of dealing with fans stalking her, Everhart says she had to deal with a wild puma on the island.

The Real Gilligan’s Island debuts June 8 on TBS.

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