Thursday, May 26, 2005

Are You A ‘Code Coolie’ Or A ‘Sithhead?’

DALLAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The terms “code coolie” and “Sithhead” may sound funny, but in the world of computer geeks, those are fighting words.

According to Christopher Faulkner, the CEO of CI Host web hosting, a “code coolie” is an insult leveled at computer programmers who handle the boring grunt work on a project, while a “Sithhead” is a derogatory name for a Star Wars junkie who only recently picked up passion for the sci-fi series.

Faulkner needs to know terms like these to communicate with his employees because the majority of them are computer geeks who constantly chat in tech talk.

He picks up new words from the internet and from hanging out with his techies after work at bars, where they try to stump each other with the latest lingo.

Other hip words for technology nerds include “spim,” which is spam received over an instant messaging service, and “data sabbath,” which is what 24-hour-on-call computer techs call vacation time that they spend away from electronic devices.

Faulkner figures such colorful language thrives in the computer industry because it helps workers cope with their often- monotonous jobs.

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