Monday, May 23, 2005

Pennsylvania Man’s Goal: Combining Hockey And Soccer

UNIONTOWN, Penn. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It’s good to have a goal and for a man in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, it’s combining soccer with hockey.

Robert DeMoss is the inventor of “Kick Hockey” a sport that combines hockey and soccer by having players kick around an 8-inch-wide neoprene-covered puck on a basketball court and attempt to score goals using only their legs, head and body – no hands.

DeMoss was inspired to create the sport a few years ago when his young child dropped a cookie bowl and started kicking it on the floor.

Since then, kick hockey has been adopted by a few schools and, according to DeMoss, it’s getting raves from teachers because there’s no height advantage like in basketball; no wooden sticks; and because the “kickable puck” doesn’t hurt as much as a careening dodge ball.

However, DeMoss says adult-kick hockey players are aggressive as rugby players, so he thinks the sport is perfect for a professional league.

But DeMoss will have to put his goal pro kick hockey on ice until he can mass produce his kickable pucks. Still, he will be displaying prototypes at the INPEX invention show next month in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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