Friday, May 13, 2005

Will Americans Open ‘Purr-strings’ For Cat Mood Detector?

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Are Americans willing to open their “purr-strings” for a device that detects a cat’s mood? That’s what one gadget company is hoping.

The Takara Company is about to release a product called the “Purrfect Mood Detector” that analyzes a cat’s purr and flashes a corresponding light so you can see it – even in a dark room.

Company spokesman Ichiro Sasaki says a cat purr is universally accepted as a sign of contentment but many purrs “are guttural” and inaudible unless you’re really close.

He says the blinking light allows a cat owner to check on their kitty’s happiness even if they’re in a dark room or viewing the cat through a web cam.

Sasaki believes the device will become especially popular with animal trainers or pet photographers who need to know a cat’s mood at all times.

Sadly, the device doesn’t translate meows, but Sasaki figures if your cat is making a racket, it’s a sure sign they’re unhappy about something.

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