Monday, May 2, 2005

John Lithgow Urges Americans To Adopt A Soup Can

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – John Lithgow makes a living as an actor but his real talent may be blasting boredom from kids.

The former 3rd Rock From the Sun star says he’s made it his mission to help parents find fun ways to entertain kids on rainy days and long travel tips.

After canvassing parents and collecting their anti-boredom methods, Lithgow has put the info into a new book series, Boredom Blasters (Running Press) that has, so far, two volumes – a Rainy Day Edition and a Travel Edition.

Lithgow admits some of his boredom blasters border on bizarre, such as the activity where a family “adopts a soup can from the pantry and makes some clothes for it, as well as a birth certificate” but says they’re better at instilling creative thought than videogames.

Other offbeat ideas that can distract potentially cranky kids include making up a “family fight song,” or inventing new constellations out of existing stars.

Lithgow believes his boredom blasters “promote good interactions with parents and kids” but suggests that “adults can take credit for the ideas that work” and he’ll take the blame if they flop.

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