Monday, April 18, 2005

World’s Largest Scotch Tape Ball For Sale

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Two computer programmers are having a ball auctioning a 60-pound ball made of Scotch tape.

They’re selling what they claim is the world’s largest ball of Scotch tape – a beach ball-sized globe made from 1000 rolls of clear tape.

Tuong Tieu says he and a co-worker formed the ball off-and-on for the past five years, one roll at a time.

They even commemorated the ball at each 100 roll increment by drawing a mural on it.

Tieu says the ball doesn’t bounce, but it rolls well.

He also says he’s often asked if he pilfered the 1000 rolls from his company’s office supply cabinet, but he says only the first 13 rolls were company property – the rest were purchased with their own funds.

Opening bids started at a penny, and, as of last week, reached $405, but Tieu estimates that the value of the tape that went into creating the ball cost about $1000.

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