Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Michael Jackson’s Eye Height Raising Eyebrows

STERLING, Va. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery gets a lot of attention, but it’s the height of his eyebrows that are raising the eyebrows of a physiognomy expert in Sterling, Virginia.

Rose Rosetree reads faces for a living and pays a great deal of attention to “eye height asymmetries.”

She says back in the early days of his career, Jacko’s right eye was higher than the left, which she says means mostly “masculine energy” was dominant, making him interested in popularity and following authority figures.

However, slowly but surely, his face has changed and now his left eye is higher and that means his feminine energy is more in charge and he’s more concerned with his inner personal life.

Rosetree says eye asymmetries occur without cosmetic surgery and aren’t necessarily bad in themselves. For example, Eleanor Roosevelt’s right eye started out higher than the left but the left took over and made her more sensitive and more trusting of herself.

Still, she says the change in eye dominance from the right side to the left is so extreme in Jackson’s case that it suggests a major battle between his male and female personalities.

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