Monday, March 28, 2005

This PEZ Dispenses Music, Not Candy

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – For years, PEZ toys have dispensed candy. But an inventor in Springfield, Missouri, is creating one that dispenses music.

Pat Misterovich’s in-progress PEZ MP3 player will have the same size, shape and feel as a PEZ dispenser, but its insides will be filled with electronic equipment instead of sugary pellets.

An Austin electronic design firm is currently creating the kitschy tech gadget, which will have control buttons along the side, an LCD screen and interchangeable plastic PEZ heads.

Misterovich was inspired to develop the PEZ MP3 player after hearing about a guy who converted an Altoids mint tin into speakers for an iPod.

He thinks the gadget will go over well with three types of people: PEZ collectors, nerdy tech-heads and young punk rock kids who frequent shops like Hot Topic.

The first version, a $129 model which holds 512 MB of music, should be available on the website by summer, with a retail roll out to follow soon afterward.

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