Thursday, February 24, 2005

‘The Aviator’ Wins For Foul Language

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Even if the film The Aviator doesn’t win any Oscars, it’s winning awards for profanity.

According to the Los Angeles entertainment rating system PSVRatings, Inc., Leonardo DiCaprio’s film beat out all other Academy Awards Best Picture contenders for foul words.

Their system shows The Aviator racked up 125 curse- words, followed by Sideways with 118; Ray with 95; Million Dollar Baby with 53; and Finding Neverland with just four cuss-words.

According to PSVRatings’ CEO David Kinney, their group isn’t a watchdog, they just tally the profanity, sexual and violent acts for consumers’ information. And by their standards, profanity can range from mild ones like “hell” and “damn” all the way up to the F- word.

Kinney says The Aviator had one F-word, five S-words and six mentions of “ass,” just to name a few. Sideways receives their honorable mention for having 70 F- words.

By their standards, the 1986 film Platoon is the Best Picture with the most-ever used profanity: 337 to be exact.

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