Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Artist Claims Paintings Treat Physical And Mental Ailments

ATLANTA (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An artist in Atlanta is claiming her paintings can help treat everything from mental ailments to physical sicknesses.

Brent Atwater says it’s “still too early” to tell if her so-called “Paintings That Heal,” which range from still lifes to New Age images, help in the long term, but is optimistic from the feedback she has received already.

For instance, she says a woman who heard of her claims requested a painting that would help her with her asthma. Days after receiving the painting, Atwater claims the woman started taking less medication and had fewer asthmatic episodes.

Atwater – also a alternative medicine practitioner – says the paintings work by producing positive energy in the bodies of those who view them.

When putting brush to canvas, she says she focuses all her healing energy onto the canvas and doesn’t know what colors or what picture will come out, but stops when “my intuition tells me to.”

It’s a talent Atwater only discovered last March and she says she is “researching” to find out why her paintings are so powerful.

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