Friday, February 4, 2005

One Cheez Whiz-Covered Cracker Equals 13 Minutes Of Marching

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Before you stuff your face with salty snack food and sugar-filled desserts for the Super Bowl on Sunday (Feb. 6), you might want to see what it would take to spike those calories from your system.

Syndicated health and nutrition columnist Charles Stuart Platkin has come out with a list of exercise equivalents using football activities to demonstrate how much you would need to do to burn off typical Super Bowl snacks.

For example, to burn off the calories from a handful of beer nuts, you would have to do 21 minutes of cheerleading, while consuming a single nacho chip with fixings would require nine minutes of football training camp.

Also, one cup of chili is equivalent to 149 touchdown dances in the end zone and a cracker topped with Cheez Whiz would take 13 minutes performing in a marching band to burn off.

Finally, you would have to do “the wave” 1,182 times to zap the calories in two slices of pizza.

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