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Pull Up A `Chairless' And Relax

Who needs a chair when this handy dandy strap of fabric works just as well?

Who needs a chair when this handy dandy strap of fabric works just as well?

Friday, April 16, 2010 17:09 GMT

SANTIAGO, Chile (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Who needs a chair when you can sit back and relax using a single strap of fabric?

A comfy chair isn’t always available, so Vitra designs is helping tired travelers pop a squat with their alternative seating option, “Chairless.”

It’s a sturdy strap of fabric that a person can use to take a load off by wrapping it around their back and bent knees.

It allows “modern nomads” to relax without the need of a seat or backrest at the airport, park, concert, or beach.

The lightweight strap was designed by Alejandro Aravena, who was inspired by the indigenous Ayoreo people of Paraguay who use similar devices.

Aravena says that although human beings’ needs and desires have evolved over the years with the advent of technology, the simple need to sit in a comfortable manner hasn’t changed since the early days of man.

With the Chairless strap, that need can be met in an “extremely simple way.”

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