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Barry Bostwick Bases Roles On Hair

The Hair-raising truth about Barry Bostwick: He chooses his roles based on his hair.

The Hair-raising truth about Barry Bostwick: He chooses his roles based on his hair.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 17:18 GMT

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Whenever Barry Bostwick lands a role, he combs the script to see what his character’s hair will look like.

Bostwick – of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Spin City – stars in the family flick Secrets Of The Mountain, airing April 16 on NBC.

Bostwick says the most challenging part of playing a wacky, eccentric uncle in the TV movie was keeping his hair messy.

His mane was “au naturale” like he’d just rolled out of bed the entire time because his character “rarely looks in the mirror.”

The bed-head was a first for Bostwick, who usually sports a perfectly-styled coif.

He admits, “I’ve always based my roles around my hair.”

Bostwick says his best onscreen ’do was in a 1980 TV mini-series called Scruples. He played a photographer and had to dye his hair blonde for the role but looked fantastic.

Bostwick says the downside to perfect TV locks is spending hours fussing in the styling chair.

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