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`Porn' Does A Bride Good

Pornography good for bride and groom

Pornography good for bride and groom

Monday, March 1, 2010 17:31 GMT

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If a groom wants to turn on his bride, he should go straight for the “choreplay.”

The Cambridge Women’s Pornography Cooperative, a secret society that redefines porn and what’s truly sexy, have released their latest raunchy read, Porn For The Bride (Chronicle).

It features pictures of hot grooms fulfilling every flustered bride’s fantasy: Actually being involved in the wedding planning.

One groom claims he “can’t wait to look at china patterns” while another thoughtful hunk is pictured with a stack of stationary “getting a head start” on “Thank You” notes.

Heather, an elusive CWPC “spokespornographer,” says a groom who helps with wedding chores, aka “choreplay,” is a bride’s wet dream.

That’s because there’s nothing sexier than a supportive man who listens and puts his lady’s needs first.

Heather says grooms also benefit from “choreplay.”

Their efforts will make their bride so happy, a hot honeymoon is sure to follow.