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God Gives Terrible Advice

Thursday, February 25, 2010 17:04 GMT

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – God may be almighty, but he gives terrible advice.

Just ask Marc Hartzman, author of God Made Me Do It: True Stories Of The Worst Advice The Lord Has Ever Given His Followers (Sourcebooks).

Hartzman says “God made me do it” has become the worst, most overused excuse for poor judgement and weird antics.

Many people blame the Lord for their wrongdoings, like a man who said God told him to TP a police station, or a woman who was allegedly told by God to drive around naked.

Then there’s the guy who was “ordered” by God to build a giant Jesus sculpture entirely out of toothpicks.

Although God is often linked to wacky or criminal acts, Hartzman doesn’t think it’s the Messiah’s fault.

He explains, “He’s looking out for six billion people at once. Slip-ups happen here and there.”

Still, Hartzman figures the Savior gets pretty pissed at constantly being thrown under the bus by idiots.