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Lisa Kudrow: Future Pack Rat?

Lisa Turning into a Pack Rat?

Lisa Turning into a Pack Rat?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 17:21 GMT

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Former Friends star Lisa Kudrow is on the verge of becoming a pack rat.

Kudrow – aka Phoebe Buffay – is the executive producer of Who Do You Think You Are?, a new show premiering March 5 on NBC.

It follows celebrities like Kudrow, Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Spike Lee as they dig up their family tree history.

Kudrow says geneology investigations are incredibly tough to piece together.

Since every little document is a “clue” into one’s history, she’s “keeping everything” she owns from now on.

This includes seemingly useless invoices, receipts, and day planners, just in case any of her future descendants want to uncover their family roots hundreds of years from now.

Through her own sleuthing on the show, Kudrow was able to connect with her family’s Jewish history in Belarus.

They also discovered that Brooke Shields is related to French royalty and that Susan Sarandon has an uncanny resemblance to her ancestors.