Monday, January 18, 2010

Captain Kirk’s Mojo Saves Lives

CANTON, Ohio (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Whenever suave Captain Kirk meets a lady on Star Trek, lives are saved.

Or so it seems, if you break down the deaths in the iconic TV series using stats and analytics.

Matt Bailey of has done just that, using his training to get to the bottom of Star Trek’s famous “Red Shirt Phenomenon.”

As Trekkies know, Enterprise crewmembers wearing red shirts almost always die.

Bailey says red shirt deaths account for a whopping 43 casualties compared to only six yellow shirt deaths and five blue shirts.

But the real discovery is that whenever William Shatner “makes contact” with alien women, the red shirts’ survival rate increases by 84 percent.

In fact, there were only three red shirt deaths in episodes where Captain Kirk gets some, so his love life directly impacts mortality.

Bailey figures Captain Kirk was “obviously looking out for the greater good” of his crew by being a playboy.

Many lives could’ve been spared had they stuck to exploring female-only planets.

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