Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wipe Butt With Ponzi Scammer

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Now, victims of fraud can finally wipe away their woes.

Andrew Miller has created “Roll With Rothstein,” toilet paper featuring Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein’s face on every sheet.

The flashy Florida attorney who stole billions through his law firm comes in plushy two-ply, fitting for a true a■■wipe.

Miller – who actually worked at Rothstein’s law firm – says the thief has been under the radar thanks to Bernie Madoff’s scam, but really, he’s just as awful.

He says Rothstein is “the epitome of something you’d want to wipe your a■■ with” because he’s so smug and annoying.

While working at the firm, Rothstein was an “a■■hole” to employees and had a private elevator so he wouldn’t have to talk to them.

Miller is glad he’s finally behind bars and wants to send Rothstein’s fellow inmates the novelty TP so he becomes the butt of all prison jokes.

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