Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Doctor By Day, Ninja By Night

BROOKLYN (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – There’s only one doctor who can operate on patients and throw ninja stars simultaneously.

Dr. McNinja, a doctor who’s also a ninja, is the resident hero in the online comic The Adventures Of Dr. McNinja.

Creator Chris Hastings says McNinja’s practice stays open “really late” and boasts both medical and ninja services under one roof.

The doc’s skills are the best of both worlds because he can cure an ear infection AND fend off sword attacks with his stethoscope.

Hastings says med students are avid readers of the comic and truly get the link between medicine and ninjadom.

He explains, “Ninjas and doctors both wear masks while putting knives into people who are asleep.”

Women also have the potential to be big McNinja fans.

According to Hastings, McNinja could kick both McDreamy’s and McSteamy’s butts from Grey’s Anatomy, and may be more handsome than the TV docs combined under that mystery mask.

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