Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crossdressing Tips For Robin Williams

MIAMI (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – For a dude to truly look like a lady, a close shave is a must.

Just ask Gina Lance, editor of TG Life, who was born a man but has been crossdressing and modeling women’s clothing for years.

Lance says a daily shave – everywhere – is crucial for any serious crossdresser, which is what Robin Williams should do if he opts to play Susan Boyle in a biopic as rumor has it.

Since Williams would have to wear pantyhose and skirt suits to resemble SuBo, Lance says a smooth shave would help him slide the pantyhose on more easily over his bulky man legs.

Williams would also need “really supportive” undergarments to give him that womanly shape, which Lance says is acquired by doing sit-ups and hitting the sauna.

Lance believes Williams is the perfect choice to play frumpy Boyle, since he already got in touch with his feminine side to play Mrs. Doubtfire in the ’90s.

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