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Beautiful Obama Naked On A Unicorn

Obama Naked On A Unicorn

Sitting pretty: Prez Obama's victory ride in the buff.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 9:53 PDT

ELKO, Minn. – President Obama looks glorious when riding a unicorn in the nude.

Artist Dan Lacey, known for his paintings of famous faces and other entities with pancakes on them, has released his latest art series called the Obama Unicorn Gallery.

It features the president nude with a unicorn in various positions, including riding it, getting an oil massage from the mythical beast, and fighting a bear from atop the horned horsey.

Lacey says making Obama his naked muse was an easy choice since the Commander-In-Chief “has a really good build” and he really enjoys “painting black people.”

He feels paintings can be quite dull, so he’s made his hobby more interesting for himself by adding pancakes, nudity, unicorns, and President Obama to his artwork because he enjoys the “fantasy” of those things all mixed on the same canvas.

Next up, Lacey will paint a half Obama, half Mike Tyson hybrid on a unicorn to add to his collection.