Monday, August 3, 2009

Most Baffling Medical Mysteries

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Every now and then, doctors come across a case that truly baffles.

Ann Reynolds has penned Medical Mysteries (Hyperion), a book about bizarre cases from the files of the ABC show by the same name, out tomorrow (Aug. 4).

Among the weird conditions is a woman who’s allergic to water, a musician who can hear everything happening in his body – even his eyeballs moving as he reads – and people who continuously smell like fish.

Reynolds says one the most baffling conditions is something called Prosopagnosia or “Face Blindness” – when a person can’t recognize faces, not even their own.

This has to do with a small part of their brain that puts together faces not functioning for some strange reason.

Another astonishing case is the seemingly healthy college kid who was completely paralyzed after eating pizza.

Due to his Asian ancestry, he can’t metabolize high amounts of carbs, so a night of beer and pizza left him in the hospital unable to move with “Pizza Paralysis.”

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