Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter Fans Are Horny Muggles

PHOENIX (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Harry Potter’s magic wand has fans all hot and bothered.

Amy Feinsilver runs, where writers come up with sexy, sordid tales involving their favorite fictitious characters.

With the release of the latest Harry Potter flick, fans of the boy wizard are concocting their own erotic fan fiction involving Harry, Hermione, Ron, and other characters is sensual situations.

Feinsilver says it’s many Potterphiles’ dream to see their favorite characters hook up, and naughty stories are fun to write because, “There’s magic. You can do anything with magic.”

While some horny muggles keep it tame, others go hardcore with their Potter porn.

Feinsilver explains, “The freaks really do come out at night. Some turn Hogwarts into a full-fledged brothel.”

Despite the torrid affairs, she’s disappointed with some writers’ lack of creativity when it comes to Harry’s manhood.

She laments, “I would love if someone called it his ‘magic wand.’ Everyone says ‘throbbing member.’ It gets old.”

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