Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Car Wash Puts Elephants To Work

WINSTON, ORE. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – There’s an elephant in the room at one car wash in Winston, Oregon – literally.

At the Wildlife Safari, visitors drive their cars through a vast, dirt-filled animal sanctuary, which leaves their wheels looking haggard.

Luckily, for $20 the sanctuary’s resident elephants will scrub the dirt off the windows and spray a car down with water from their trunks, all while visitors sit inside.

Dan Brands, general curator of the Wildlife Safari, says the elephant car wash “guarantees your car WON’T get clean” since the Dumbos pay more attention to having fun than leaving cars spotless.

He explains, “Our elephants do it for exercise and entertainment. They really enjoy blowing water and performing for praise. The more attention we give them, the happier they are.”

The elephants don’t work for peanuts though.

Brands says they’re paid handsomely in yummy carrots, yams, and lots of compliments. They also get plenty of breaks from work to run around.

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