Thursday, April 23, 2009

London Bar ‘Nose’ How To Get Folks Drunk

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Patrons at a swanky bar in London are soaking up the sweet smell of hard alcohol.

The Alcoholic Architecture bar is changing the way people sip their cocktails by spraying gin and tonic through their air system, intoxicating patrons through their noses and not their mouths.

Co-owner Sam Bompas says gin and tonic is the perfect inhalable cocktail because it’s fresh, smells clean, tastes delicious through the nostrils, and also because, “If you went into an impenetrable mist of Mai Tai, you’d be feeling pretty sticky when you get out.”

The alcohol in the air can leave a person stinking of booze.

Luckily, guests are given Hazmat suits to wear while they party, which Bompas says people like so much that they keep them on when they hit up other bars in town.

Though many may be skeptical about inhaling their alcohol, Bompas assures that because it goes straight to your lungs, it’s “doubly potent.”

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