Monday, April 20, 2009

‘Star Trek’ Is So Deep

VANCOUVER, B.C. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – There’s more to Star Trek than fast space ships and hot flight commanders in spandex.

That’s what actor Bruce Greenwood discovered after signing on to J.J. Abrams’ revamp of Star Trek, which hits theaters May 8.

Greenwood plays U.S.S. Enterprise Captain Christopher Pike and since he wasn’t a huge Trekkie growing up, he dug up old episodes of the original Star Trek to really nail his role.

He admits, “As a kid, I mostly watched it for the pretty girls in tight costumes.”

However, after revisiting the galactic series, Greenwood discovered that the stories and conflicts had “a lot of depth.”

He now understands why Trekkies are so devoted and consider Star Trek sacred, and believes they’ll be “touched and thrilled” by the new version.

He’s prepared to embrace his inevitable Trekkie following and is willing to perfect his Vulcan hand symbol to please fans.

Though Greenwood isn’t a full-fledged Trekkie himself yet, working with original Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy – who brought tears to his eyes – has made him see the light.

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