Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pub Pranks Leave Bad Taste In Mouth

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The best April Fools’ Day (Apr. 1) pranks happen at the bar.

So says Ed Decker, a San Diego-based mixologist who’s the master of pulling pranks on unsuspecting bar patrons.

Decker’s April Fools’ weapon of choice is a trick cocktail called the “Cement Mixer,” which involves having the victim swig a shot of Bailey’s Irish Creme followed by some lime juice.

The end result is a sour, congealed goo that forms in the victim’s mouth and tastes like mucus.

Decker laughs, “That one gets them every time!”

But while the “Cement Mixer” is nasty, nothing can top Decker’s ultimate gross-out prank.

He once made an annoying customer a “Bar Mat Shot” which contained all of the gunk found on the floor mats of his bar.

He cringes, “That was the worst prank I ever pulled. It was disgusting.”

Decker insists he “felt really bad afterwards” but says the unruly patron was so drunk, he didn’t even notice the floaties.

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