Friday, March 20, 2009

‘Blondie’ Bandmate Goes From Druggie To Counselor

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Blondie rocker Jimmy Destri has traded a life of drugs for a life of talking to people about drugs.

Destri – keyboardist for the popular ’70s and ’80s “Heart Of Glass” band – was a drug addict for 27 years but is now clean and works as an addiction therapist at Carnegie Hill Institute in Manhattan.

Destri admits his severe addictions were a result of being a rockstar since he was always looking to replicate that “natural high” he got from being on stage.

But the drugs made him do crazy things.

He remembers being so high and paranoid, he’d give away musical instruments to dealers when they came to his house so his neighbors would think they were exchanging equipment, not dope.

Destri’s turning point came when he got sober, reinvented himself, and went back to school to become an addiction counselor.

Though he can empathize with his patients, Destri is a no- nonsense counselor.

He explains, “I don’t tolerate their bulls■■t. I tell them they don’t have a disease, they have an affliction brought on by bad choices.”

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