Friday, February 27, 2009

Actor Patrols New Yorkers’ Subway Fares

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The NYPD may want to thank actor Michael Gaston for regulating New York City’s subway system.

Gaston – known for his role on Jericho – often plays detectives and cops on film and TV, and says people mistake him for a real life cop all the time, especially in the Big Apple.

With a solid, six-foot-three build, Gaston says people spot him on the NYC subway and automatically assume he’s with the NYPD.

He’s convinced that when riders see him, those who normally wouldn’t pay their subway fare are intimidated into paying.

He says, “They’re afraid of getting busted by me for bailing on the fee! It’s really funny, actually.”

Gaston plays up his officer-like demeanor by remaining quiet the entire time, but he may speak up sometime soon.

He laughs, “I’m probably worth a lot of money to the city’s MTA [Metropolitan Transportation Authority]. I’m helping them make money because people are finally paying up!”

Catch Gaston in his latest flick, Hurricane Season, hits theaters this March.

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