Friday, January 16, 2009

Dockside Prostitutes Must Appear Worldly And Studious

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – To charm the pants off foreign sailors, dockside prostitutes must appear worldly and well-read.

Henry Trotter, author of Sugar Girls And Seamen: A Journey Into The World Of Dockside Prostitution In South Africa (Jacana), says “sugar girls” in Cape Town and Durban have to talk the talk in order to make money.

Since dockside prostitutes deal with all foreign customers – including Chinese, Korean, and Greek sailors – they have to learn their patrons’ tongues and appear “cosmopolitan and well-traveled.”

Hookers who don’t know how to speak Chinese or Korean have a harder time bagging sailors, since the bulk of their soliciting comes from flirting with customers in their native languages.

Says Trotter: “These girls have to study and corner all the ethnic markets. It’s about social soliciting – dancing, drinking, having a good conversation.”

Trotter says those who speak multiple languages and know customs from other lands have a leg up and become queen bees of the dockside.

The ladies also rely on their smarts because, in Trotter’s words, “They don’t ever dress sexy. They’re usually in jeans and a T-shirt and look pretty hardcore.”

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