Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lucky Rituals Can Help Obama In White House

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – President-elect Barack Obama needs all the luck he can get in the White House, and rituals and spells can help.

According to clairvoyant Gillian Kemp, there are certain things Obama can do to avoid bad luck once he’s settled in his presidential pad.

For starters, she suggests Obama carry a lit candle into each room of the White House and use the light to “make the negative energy go away.”

As he sheds light on his digs, Obama should recite the peaceful phrase: “May the light of the universe fill every item in the White House.”

Kemp says the prez can also burn “white musk” incense or sprinkle salt or holy water around the house to “purify” the space.

However, given the good intentions of past presidents that lived in the White House before him, Kemp says there should be no bad luck awaiting Obama.

Still, he may benefit from adding a dog or a black cat to the First Family since animals are able to sense evil spirits or ghosts.

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