Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa Is Satanic, Deserves To Burn

BUFFALO, N.Y. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Santa Claus may actually be the spawn of Satan, and the jolly man in red deserves to burn.

Biblical scholar Pastor Harry says the myth of Santa is the “most evil, disgusting lie” a parent can tell their child.

Back in 2005, Pastor Harry was featured on an anti-Santa special on The History Channel, where he burned a plastic St. Nick on TV.

He wishes everyone would set fire to their blow-up Santas and bring Christmas back to its holy roots when, “A 400-pound Santa wasn’t sitting on top of baby Jesus in the Nativity.”

Pastor Harry believes Santa was created by Satan in order to distort the true meaning of Christmas.

He says the God-like qualities Santa is given – like being able to grant wishes and keep tabs on kids – perpetuate the “Great Santa Lie” and screws with kids’ heads.

When kids find out that Santa isn’t real and that their parents have been lying to them for years, Pastor Harry says their faith is “shattered into a million pieces,” making it harder for them to believe in Jesus.

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