Friday, November 21, 2008

Soccer Moms May Actually Be Vampires

BRUNSWICK, Ohio (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Vampires are everywhere, even on the sidelines at kiddie soccer games.

Occult author and vampire expert Michelle Belanger knows many Draculas personally, including a vampire who’s a sweet, caring soccer mom.

Belanger says most real vampires are typical, everyday people who, as she puts it, “Aren’t supernatural at all.”

With the highly-anticipated Twilight flick hitting theaters today (Nov. 21), Belanger believes many more everyday vampires are going to come forward and share their stories of darkness.

She says the vampire subculture could use Twilight as a springboard to “open dialogue” and educate the masses on what real-life vamps are all about.

For example, real vampires feed off human energy, not necessarily human blood.

Though she doesn’t think real vampires will go to Twilight screenings today, there are places where “fanpires” can check out authentic Draculas.

Belanger says vampires are known to frequent goth clubs, art galleries, coffee houses, and “anywhere there’s people having fun.”

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