Monday, November 17, 2008

Pooping Patterns Warn If Your Dog Is In The Dumps

SEATTLE (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A dog’s poop can reveal a lot, including if the pooch is in the dumps.

According to pet communicator Joan Ranquet, Fido’s feces can provide clues as to whether or not the doggy is a happy hound.

She says abrupt changes in a pup’s pooping patterns are signs that he’s doggone upset, maybe even depressed.

For instance, if the dog suddenly gets diarrhea, Ranquet says it’s his way of saying, “I’m worried about my owner.”

But the squirts aren’t the only sign of a depressed dog.

Ranquet explains, “If a dog is really internalizing its emotion, then it might get constipated.”

She says a doggy’s doodie dilemmas can be fixed by making positive changes in its environment, like exercising with the pooch and spending a few minutes of quality time with it every day.

Ranquet also advises never to get mad if the dog craps on the carpet.

She argues, “They don’t do these things maliciously – it’s just how they communicate.”

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