Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Elite Prefer Expensive Gas

BOSTON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Gas prices may be too high for regular folks, but the wealthy elite prefer high-end fuel for their fleet.

Fine Fueling is a company that sells the creme de la creme in fuels, packaging the grade A gas in classy wine bottles.

Among the refined fuels for sale are a light, 120 octane oil from Nigeria, a full-bodied Persian desert fuel, and a premium, robust North Sea crude oil from their special reserve.

The gas goes for about $25 per liter, and, like a fine wine, the upscale fuels are to be paired with luxury vehicles, like helicopters, yachts, high-powered cars, and limousines.

Company founder Brian Kane says their gas raises awareness about energy, mainly that upper crust society shouldn’t feel bad for wasting more energy with their gas guzzling vehicles.

He says, “It’s aimed at a wealthy clientele, important people who appreciate the finer things and want an elite fuel that gives them high-end power. This is a luxury, and we’re promoting a lifestyle.”

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