Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Candidates Put Voters In Terrifying Trances

LAYTONVILLE, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Politicians will do anything to win an election, including putting voters in a trance.

Trance researcher Dennis Wier says political candidates are notorious for using mind control, and the most dangerous trances happen during elections.

He says Barack Obama and John McCain are both capable of politically brainwashing voters through “fear techniques.”

By constantly talking about the failing economy and war, the presidential hopefuls pound the public with “repeated emotions of shock and fear.”

Wier says panic makes voters more “suggestible” at the polls.

He says candidates cast trances through their body language, tone of voice, and repetition of catchphrases during speeches.

For example, John McCain’s repeated use of the phrase “my friends” is simply a way to get voters to feel comfortable around him so they’ll listen to his message.

The same goes for Republican vp candidate Sarah Palin, whose constant, cutesy winks to the crowds is a tactic to get voters to identify with her as a friend.

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