Thursday, October 9, 2008

America Destined To Become A ‘Cashless Society’

TORONTO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Here’s some economic news that’ll really break the bank: America may soon become a “cashless society.”

That’s the prediction of psychic Anthony Carr, the self- proclaimed “man who predicted 9/11.”

He says America’s faulty economy is devaluing the dollar so much, that pretty soon cash will be completely useless.

This will lead to a “cashless society,” where people use things like bottle caps and barters as forms of currency.

Carr predicts people will trade their services for essentials like food and clothing, and paper money won’t be worth squat.

By the year 2013, doctors will use healthcare as currency, trading their skills for services of equal value.

He believes everyone will have a computerized line of credit, where they can value their skills and conduct fair trades.

But before that, America will suffer a stock market crash more dire than the Great Depression.

Carr says food will be scarce because there’s not a lot of land left to farm, and, as he puts it, “You can’t eat computer chips.”

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