Friday, September 12, 2008

Let Me See That Thong, Sarah Palin!

PLATTSBURG, Mo. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Men no longer have to wonder what’s under Sarah Palin’s demure skirt.

Greg Brooks has created the Palin Thong, undies designed in the style he believes the Alaskan hockey mom wears.

The Palin Thong has an image of Ronald Reagan and the words “Gipper Approved!” written across the front, referring to Reagan’s nickname.

According to Brooks, Palin’s possible panties bring Republican men’s fantasies to life.

He admits, “My friends and I wondered what kind of underwear she might wear. She makes these speeches but she never trips and gives us an upskirt shot, so we came up with it ourselves.”

Brooks believes cute Reps can use the thong as a “powerful weapon” by wearing it or swinging it around at rallies to gain votes.

However, “crunchy, liberal types” aren’t the target sporters for the underwear because, “They’ve got too much hair going on.”

Brooks says he might make a Barack Obama-themed thong featuring vp candidate Joe Biden since, “His hair plugs look kind of pubey anyway.”

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