Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin Is A Man, Baby!

DALLAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – John McCain didn’t choose a woman as his vice presidential running mate, he chose one of the guys.

That’s the vote from Dr. Helen Fisher, renowned biological anthropologist and chief scientific advisor to, who says Sarah Palin’s personality is high-testosterone, just like a dude’s.

According to Fisher, Palin is a “very different type of woman,” who tends to be aggressive, tough, and stubborn, with a personality known as “The Builder.”

She’s traditional and conventional, and is, in Fisher’s words, “Fixed in her moral compass. It’s often her way or the highway.”

Palin is the least creative of all four White House hopefuls including McCain, Democrat vp candidate Joe Biden, and Barack Obama.

Fisher says Palin’s tough traits clash with McCain’s, which could cause them to butt heads in the White House because their strong personalities are too much alike.

She says Biden and Obama make a better pair because they balance each other out.

While Obama is creative and compassionate, Biden is a tough, analytical bulldog who’s always ready to fight.

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