Friday, September 5, 2008

Washington Man Creates Cash Saving Gas Solution

ORTING, Wash. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A Vietnam veteran in Orting, Washington, has created an invention to help gas prices tank.

Doug Schwarz is easing the oil crisis with his cash-saving invention called the Water4Gas, a kit that cooks up hydrogen gas under the hood of a vehicle and mixes it with the petrol already in the gas tank.

The concoction provides many energy and money saving benefits.

Schwarz says Water4Gas releases no toxic emissions, runs cleaner and cooler, gives cars more horse power, and allows drivers to fill up less often.

He exclaims, “It’s a win-win situation for everybody!”

Schwarz assures that if everyone in the U.S. installed a Water4Gas system in their car, the nation’s air pollution would decrease by 45 percent.

He even put the Water4Gas kit to the test, driving his van 713 miles twice to see how it runs with and without his invention.

Without the Water4Gas Schwarz had to stop three times to fill up and spent $300 on gas, but with the system he only made one stop, and filled his tank with $70.

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