Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beijing Olympics Tempting For Chinese Gamblers

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The Beijing 2008 Olympics start tomorrow (Aug. 8) and Chinese gamblers will be flocking to casinos.

Kent Woo – director of the NICOS Chinese Health Coalition and Chinese gambler program – says the Chinese are known for their addiction to gambling because it’s a widely accepted cultural practice.

With the Olympics based in Beijing this year, Woo says Chinese and Chinese-American gamblers will be tempted to go to casinos and bet on sporting events.

They’ll be paying more attention to sports so they can wager on the athletes that’ll bring in big bucks.

Woo says numbers will play a huge part on who or what the Chinese bet on.

For example, Chinese gamblers will avoid athletes associated with the number four because it’s an unlucky number that sounds similar to “death” in Cantonse.

Instead, they’ll bet on things with the numbers eight, six, and nine, because they symbolize wealth and longevity.

Woo says the date of the Olympics – 8/8/08 – will make Chinese gamblers feel exceptionally lucky, and knows of a few California casinos that are running specials for their Chinese customers.

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