Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beijing Tourists Could Easily Get Scammed

BEIJING (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Tourists heading to Beijing for the 2008 Olympics should be wary of a few classic, local scams.

Ultimate Tourist Scams – a show that profiles major travel rip-offs that tourists fall for – has a Beijing-themed episode that’s perfect for Olympic visitors, which can be viewed on equatorhd.com. Beijing travelers must watch out for a trick known as “The Tea Ceremony Scam,” where they’re asked to partake in an authentic Chinese Tea Ceremony, complete with delicious teas, scrumptious snacks, and gracious service, but no prices on the menu.

When the tea is finished, the bill of a shocking total comes, and tourists feel obliged to hand over their hard-earned travel cash.

“The Souvenir Shop Scam” is another popular con, which happens when a tourist buys a trinket at a souvenir shop using a high denomination bill.

The cashier tells the tourist their bill is fake, and when the tourist hands over a new bill, the clerk gives them back not their original bill, but a genuine fake.

Finally, the “Fake Art Scam” in Beijing occurs when a tourist is taken to a supposed art gallery and is sold a worthless “masterpiece” for big bucks.

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