Friday, August 1, 2008

Truckers Wore Hats Long Before Hollywood Boy Toys

LAYTON, Utah (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Neither Ashton Kutcher or Justin Timberlake started the trucker hat trend – truckers did.

In Vanity Fair’s new Fashion Rocks issue, Timberlake calls out Kutcher for taking credit on the Hollywood trucker hat trend.

Timberlake implies he’s the one who truly started the trucker trend because he’s been wearing the hats since he was 17.

However, Keith Hamblin – who started driving trucks in 1977 and has been wearing trucker hats since 1981 – says truckers are the real trendsetters behind the cap craze.

He says truckers have been using them for decades because they’re “good work hats” and help keep the sun out of their eyes and hair out of their faces while driving.

They also make a bold statement, which is why both truckers and Hollywood celebs like them.

Hamblin owns about 500 trucker hats, with everything from trucking company logos on them to eagles and American flags.

He also has one that says “Fk You” from when he was in a “bad mood” and needed to express himself.

Unlike stars, Hamblin says truckers won’t take credit for a trend they didn’t start like Timberlake’s “bringing sexy back.”

He explains, “Most truckers are extremely overweight, so they’re not very sexy anyway.”

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