Friday, July 25, 2008

Nanny Snatching Epidemic Can’t Be Stopped

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Watch out parents, your nanny could be stolen right off your lawn.

Comedienne, actress, and mom Susanna Brisk says there’s a “nanny stealing epidemic” happening in the affluent Los Angeles area.

While nannies take kids out to play at parks or in the front yard, parents drive by and try to recruit nannies to work for them instead.

Nanny stealing saves parents thousands of dollars they’d spend finding a kiddie caregiver through a nanny agency.

Brisk says the snatching gets pretty intense – she’s even heard of people “taking nannies right from the yard.”

She explains, “People will give nannies their card and say, ‘Call me if you’re not happy.’ They offer them more money and incentives.”

Brisk says a nanny is truly worth stealing is she’s attentive, interactive, and caring with kids.

To lure them in, she suggests offering them a “live-in bedroom with a TV and lots of time off.”

Brisk can vouch for stealing nannies: She “stole” Britney Spears’ nanny right after the pop star went crazy earlier this year.

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