Thursday, July 24, 2008

Website Finds Celeb Doppelgangers

SEATTLE (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Janet Reno totally looks like Bill Gates. is a website that lets users submit the people and creatures they think look just like a certain celebrity.

Some weird doppelgangers include Dr. Phil, who strangely resembles a walrus, and Falcor, the dragon-like creature from The Neverending Story, who has a twin in Victoria Beckham.

Site creator Ben Huh says, “It’ll just strike you, like ‘Boy this person totally looks like whoever.’ Since people already do it in their head, we thought we’d give them an opportunity to immortalize their findings.”

Huh says some of the submissions are dead on, like rapper Flavor Flav who’s the spitting image of Stripe, the ugly, wiry creature from the movie Gremlins.

He’s also received some silly submissions, like one from someone who believes Meat Loaf looks just like actual meat loaf, and another from a person who ponders: “Doesn’t Clark Kent totally look like Superman?

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